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World Class Standards

The selection of products manufactured by elegant fragrances are not only of the highest quality, but are also available in a variety of options to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. With top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge production technologies and a highly qualified team, we guarantee complete satisfaction.


Personal Elegance

With the start of every new day, from the first rays of sun that strike your windows, till the last awake moment on your bed the desire to experience a better self is always existent.
Adorning the personal care with an aromatic bliss, fragrances touch your lives in every single moment. Starting from the scent of your room fresheners in drawing room, till the smell of the shampoo you rinse your hair in; while taking your shower before going to bed. Every day that passes by, finds us new and exciting avenues of using fragrances in our daily personal care solutions.

Elegant Homes

A good home is one that looks good, feels good, shapes good and smells great!
However colorful the walls of your house are, however bright the lighting of your bedroom and kitchen is, and no matter how ever much you spend on imported furniture and artefacts; it all feels incomplete without the right aroma. Scent and smell of your interior ambience is indeed the most vital element of home décor, simply because it starts making an impression even before the lights of the house are switched on!
Elegant Fragrances has been adding the scent of lucid living and aromatic nirvana in homes, offices and showrooms of people all over the world.


Bodily Elegance

The home of your soul, the embodiment of everything you think and believe – Body!
Our bodies truly behold the crux of our physical existence. Ranging from the daily perfumes you spray over yourself to the sunscreens and body lotion; fragrance is the key factor which gives a motivational drive towards buying & selling various body care and personal hygiene products.
Smelling right, smelling consistent and above all smelling great is one of the prime concerns of a buyer before he decides to become your consumer. Any undesirable scent or odourless product is bound to face severe crisis in brand perception and sales. With the rising demands of herbal and nature-like floral perfumeries in body-care range; providing premium scents and constantly evolving has become a must for various brands across the world.

Elegant Incense

Be it, a message to the almighty, or a request for a personal favour, or simply a need to create internal connect with one’s spiritual self… incense sticks and other aromatic supplements have been found to be in use, all over the religious realm and spiritual schools of thought!
Creating an aromatic feel of trance and heavenly soothe of divine presence, incense sticks have been used in various fragrances and variants such as sandalwood, musk, rose, etc.
With the right balance of incense and perfumery touch; incense sticks have been found useful in helping people relax and hence create a more focused psychological state for various purposes. Incense sticks have also found to be of vital use in speeding up medical healing process and various psychological treatments.



A mixture, a blend, the raw aroma of drying & withering leaves and herbs that creates a celestial ecstasy
This scent truly embodies the phrase “old is gold”, as it is first made by drying spices, herbs, twigs, leaves and several floral parts. The natural texture in its lucid odor has made it globally a very popular fragrance for a variety of religious, spiritual, personal care, and beauty care products. Tremendously traditional yet, very modern and contemporary; Potpourri is one fragrance that has a signature historic and mesmerizing element held within. Home décor and ambient solutions find potpourri a very apt fragrance to delight and relax the senses of everyone that comes by.

Our products are top of the line. Contact us to learn more.

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